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    American Advisors Group is dedicated to helping homeowners tap into the equity in their home and convert it into cash. Clients can use these funds for anything, such as paying bills and living expenses, repairing and improving the home, or simply enjoying life in their retirement years. We commit to helping homeowners understand the process of Reverse Mortgage lending, arming them with the knowledge to make an educated decision whether or not a Reverse Mortgage will best help their particular situation. When we can help homeowners make an informed decision, we feel like we are part of something important.

    Joe Damo has 30 years of experience in the mortgage, financial services, and banking industries. He has specialized in reverse mortgage loans for 20 years, previously working with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and MetLife Bank. He has helped over 2,000 homeowners throughout the country improve the quality of their lives by utilizing the product as part of a coordinated retirement strategy.

    Contact Joe at:
    Phone: 513.939.6034  
    TOLL FREE: 800-775-9833 (also e-fax)
    Email: jdamo@aag.com
    Web: www.aag.expert/joedamo