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    Change Your Chapter Affiliation to FPA of SWFL

    Are you a member of the FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION and recently moved to a new home in Southwest Florida?

    Transfer your chapter affiliation to gain access to member-only events and reduced member rates for all our events.


    1. Login to your FPA account on
    2. Click on My Account in the upper right once logged in. You’ll be redirected to a Welcome page
    3. Click on Your Profile/Account Information
    4. When the page opens, select My Participation
    5. Click the button on the middle right of the page that says Change Chapter Affiliation
    6. You will be redirected to a new page. On this new page is a dropdown area
    7. Select FPA of Southwest Florida

    Congratulations! We're glad you chose SW Florida as your new home.
    After you change you chapter affiliation, we will receive notice from national on the 5th of the month after you make the change.
    Look for a welcome email from us that explains how to set up your local chapter account on our system.

    If you do not receive an email within a month of your chapter affiliation change and/or want to attend an upcoming event at the member rate, please send an email to our Chapter Administrator for assistance.