CFP Exam Scholarship Program


    Purpose: The purpose of the Southwest Florida Financial Planning Association (SWFL FPA) Certified Financial PlannerTM(CFP®) Exam Scholarship Program (CESP) is to motivate CFP® Candidates for a successful career in the financial planning and profession.

    Spirit & Intent: The spirit and intent of the CESP is to provide as much support to as many CFP® candidates as funds allow. Individual awards are subject to the availability of funds and the number of applicants. The initial program will seek to provide scholarships during one test administration.

    Eligibility: Candidates sitting for the November CFP® exam, or recent CFP® Certificants (those passing within the last 12 months—previous November or March of current year).

    Selection and Amount Process: Applicants will be required to submit their applications no later than July 31st. The SC will then make selections prior to September 30th.
    The current cost for the CFP Exam is approximately $600. The funding level for the initial CESP will be at the 50% level. The SC will award as many scholarships as available funding allows, subject to a $300 cap per award recipient.

    Application Process: Those applying for the CESP will fill out the CFP® EXAM SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION SUBMISSION FORM as well as provide an essay. Please submit a five-paragraph essay on the value and role of a CFP® professional in the community.